Fifa World Cup 2014 live online

(Photo Credit: LiveU/Facebook)The 2014 FIFA World Cup will have the attention of millions of fans as they watch matches live on television or on secondhand experience. For LiveU, the scale of broadcasting the World Cup tournament may be the biggest operation yet for the live-video transmission company.

The video acquisition, contribution and management solutions company revealed more than 200 LiveU units will be deployed across the 12 host cities in Brazil in order to support over 30 countries utilizing their service.

The World Cup will bring fans from dozens of countries, and LiveU has prepared for it by offering 24/7 onsite support in multiple languages during the tournament. In addition to providing live video transmission, hotspot connectivity will be available through LiveU's DataBridge. With the DataBridge, a LiveU unit can essentially turn into a hotspot for any type of Internet use on any device.

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LiveU has also partnered with UCAN Digital Transmission, based in Brazil, which helps provide audio and video delivery with either LiveU's technology or other satellite communications' solutions. LiveU provided UCAN with its portfolio of uplink solutions, which will be beneficial for local and foreign journalists reporting on the games.

"The FIFA World Cup is one of the pre-eminent sporting events on the global calendar and 2014 is no exception. This is a tremendous opportunity for media companies - be that broadcast or online or a combination of the two - to show how dynamic they can be in what's a very competitive arena, " LiveU's Latin America General Manager Giovanni Punzo said.

Global sports and news networks, news agencies, local stations and online broadcasters from international countries will use most of LiveU's technologies for the World Cup. The LiveU technology has made it possible to be controlled either live in the Brazilian host city by an operator or remotely at the home country's studio courtesy of a browser-based management system by LiveU Central.

Latin American Internet-based company TERRA has confirmed it will use LiveU's technology. With more than 100 million visitors per month, TERR's Technology Manager Allan Pessoa stated their goal is to be "very dynamic" and deliver "great content with sold facts" to their visitors.

(Photo Credit: LiveU/Facebook)

"LiveU provides us with the mobility and technology to do that, " Pessoa said.

According to LiveU and UCAN, 80 million people across Latin America can take advantage of the multiscreen viewing provided by the companies.

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