FIFA World Cup Brazil fixtures

Louis Van GaalReuters This stinks: Van Gaal says schedule means Brazil could avoid Holland if they wanted to

Van Gaal launched a fierce attack on the governing body over a “lack of fair play” over the timings of group games for the host nation.

The furious Holland coach is angry Brazil will play their final Group A match against Cameroon in Brasilia on Monday, four hours after the Dutch kick off against Chile in Sao Paulo.

Van Gaal believes that having played their first two group matches before Holland, Phil Scolari’s men will now have the advantage of knowing the identity of their likely last-16 opponents by the time they face Cameroon on Monday night.

Should Brazil win Group A, they will face the loser of Holland’s match with Chile in Belo Horizonte on Saturday.

Van Gaal said: “FIFA, for every match, have this advertisement around fair play. But they play these tricks and it’s not a good thing. It’s not fair play.

Brazil v Mexico“We’re going to focus on a victory against Chile and I don’t think that will be affected by the fact Brazil will play after us. I am just assuming Brazil will do their sporting duty.

"Why on earth are FIFA doing that with the fixtures? That is the question.”


Running scared? Louis van Gaal believes Brazil would rather face Chile next

Van Gaal is certain Brazil want to avoid Holland, who have beaten Spain 5-1 and Australia 3-2 in their opening two matches.

“I can well imagine that Brazil doesn’t want to face Holland, ” he said. “We have scored a lot of goals. True. And we scored fantastic goals. True as well.”

Van Gaal has also hit out at refereeing decisions against his stars, and he hopes Gambia official Bakary Gassama performs better on Monday than previous whistlers.

“We have conceded penalties that were incorrect on two occasions in my opinion, ” he said. “It’s unbelievable what my players have been able to muster.

Australia 2-3 Holland photo gallery:

“Against Spain, Diego Costa simply stepped on the foot of de Vrij [when the Spain striker was awarded a penalty]. The second [a penalty award to Australia] was a ball that bounced on to Janmaat’s hand, which was an ordinary movement. On both times it was a penalty. I’m just hoping this referee will do a better job."

The Dutch must try to beat Chile without three-goal striker and skipper Robin van Persie, who is suspended after being bookedn both matches so far.

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