Coins for FIFA-14 Ultimate Team

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coin Making Tips and Methods

In Ultimate Team there’s unfortunately no secret way to make a lot of coins really fast. There’s plenty of guides out there but most of them are just general knowledge or are outdated; the transfer market moves too quickly for any kind of tricks to work for any period of time. In order to make coins in FIFA UT and to keep your squad healthy and wealthy you need to understand the transfer market – how to maximize the coins you bring in and minimize the coins you spend.

Here is my collection of knowledge I've gained from having highly successful clubs worth millions of coins over the last few years of FIFA Ultimate Team. I will be constantly updating these tips whenever I have new information, or when anything changes. These tips should be able to help any player, from those very new to Ultimate Team, to experienced players looking to make their club even more profitable.

The first thing to understand is that making coins is slow and steady. The only way to get coins quickly is from buying them. If you want a quick boost of a few hundred thousand coins, check out the only site I'd trust:

FIFA 15 ut ultimate team buy coinsGetting Started

Helpful Tools:

There's a few tools that you're going to need to become familiar with if you're not already; the official EA sports FIFA 14 Ultimate Team web app, and unofficial Ultimate Team sites in order to look up more information on players, the market, etc. By far the best website out there for everything FIFA related is FUThead.

Shop The Catalogue:

The first thing you should do before you start trading on Ultimate Team is to check out the catalogue. The most important thing you’ll find in here is the ability to increase your transfer list size. In order to buy from the catalogue, you need to level up your EA level, and earn credits to buy them. This can be done from doing just about anything in FIFA; turning on the game, buying UT packs, winning matches, etc. Here are the notable items that I’d recommend:

Level 11: +10 transfer list size

Level 20: +20 transfer targets size

Level 35: +10 transfer list size

Level 53: +30 transfer list size

Level 83: +20 transfer list size

Increasing your transfer list size from the FIFA 14 menu is very helpful when trading.

Other items which can be bought are extra squad slots, the ability to change your club name, and 99 match contracts. These contracts are great for when you buy a player you plan on using for a long time, although they can also be sold for a few thousand coins in the auction house. Until recently you were also able to unlock match coin boosts, which would award you up to 1000 coins per match you play, for 5-15 matches. EA has discontinued this since players were able to buy unlimited amounts of these as gifts to friends, and therefore would be able to have unlimited coin boots. It’s still unknown if these will return once the bug is fixed.

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