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Q: What is Webstart?
A: Webstart is the pre-season for Ultimate Team - it gives all returning and verified FUT 15 players a chance to start their FUT 16 season early on the FUT web and companion apps. Players can claim any returning user packs and begin trading to build their squads.

Q: When is Webstart?
A: Verified, returning FUT 15 players will be able to start trading and claim their free returning user packs with early access to the web and companion apps on or before September 17.

Q: Who can take part in Webstart?
A: FUT 15 console and PC players who have not had their account banned or wiped will have early access to the web and companion apps.

Q: I Played FUT 15, but I can't access the Webstart, what do I do?
A: If you played FUT 15 on your console and your account is in good standing please contact us through

Q: I haven't played FUT 15, but I played an earlier version of FUT, can I get into Webstart?
A: If you are not a returning FUT 15 player you will need to wait until you can play FIFA 16 on a console before your account passes verification and is given access to the web and companion apps. This is to make sure you are a human and not a bot.

Q: Can I buy FIFA Points during Webstart?
A: As in earlier years, FIFA Points can only be purchased on the console.

Q: Is the Transfer Market on the web and companion apps back for good?
A: The web and companion apps are an important part of the FUT experience and we intend to keep them open, but player behaviour and the health of the FUT economy will decide this. We will consistently assess the health of the apps throughout the year.

Q: How much wider are the new price ranges?
A: Trading is an important part of the game so price ranges are considerably wider in FUT 16 at launch than they were last year. We aim to keep them as wide as possible while still protecting the market from coin selling. We will move ranges as needed and depending on the health of the economy.

Q: Are you still going to adjust price ranges?
A: Yes, we will continue to adjust price ranges regularly to make sure high-value players are attainable for everyone.

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