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Ginga Toe Chop. McGeady Spin. Touzani Around the World. No, that's not complete gibberish; those are just some of the eccentrically named tricks you can use to outsmart, outrun, and outplay your opponents in FIFA Street. Their various flicks, volleys, and flashy footwork make each an impressive display of technical prowess, and-unlike the tricks in FIFA Street's predecessors-none of them would look out of place on the football pitch. The cartoonlike visuals and seemingly impossible tricks of old have been replaced with a more gritty visual style and pure, fast-paced street football. FIFA Street is satisfying to play and almost as impressive to watch, despite something of a steep learning curve to master the intricacies of the game.

Not that FIFA Street doesn't try to make things easy for you. A set of tutorial videos teaches you the fundamentals of the new street ball control system, including body feints, stepovers, and juggling, which are easy to perform and immediately impressive out on the pitch. Step up to some advanced tricks, though, and the controls get much more complicated, with all manner of analogue stick flicks, rotations, and button taps required. A long process of trial and error is the only way to memorise the commands and nail their timing: it's almost on par with trying to master the many combos of fighting games like Street Fighter IV.

While it's a pretty steep climb to reach the pinnacle of your football prowess, the selection of tricks makes for a lot of depth-even more so than FIFA 12. You can spend days trying to master a new trick, making it all the more satisfying when you see it performed by some admirably realistic player animations onscreen. Of course, knowing when to bust out the tricks is half the battle in FIFA Street. With matches taking place on small pitches, and with teams of six players or fewer, intense one-on-one encounters are par for the course. Running it down the side of the pitch or playing the long ball just isn't an option.

Instead, you have to read your opponents at a macro level, studiously watching the movements of their feet to perform swift turns and feints to pass them. The same applies when you're off the ball, thanks to a simplified version of FIFA 12's tactical defending system. You have to expertly jockey the opposition while carefully timing your tackles around their fast feet and tricks; otherwise, they zoom right past towards your goal. It's all very enjoyable, and there's nothing more satisfying than chaining together a bunch of tricks before sending the ball to back of the net for a spectacular-looking goal. Your tactics also have to take into account the pitch you're playing on. Some are really small, with walls you can bounce the ball from to perform skilful passes or crosses. Some are larger, but don't have walls at all, so if you play the ball high, chances are it's going to go straight out for a free kick.

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Electronic Arts FIFA Street 3 - Xbox 360
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Hit the streets with some of the best pro players and experience all the style and attitude of street soccer
  • Choose from over 250 of the world s best players representing 18 of the top international teams
  • Ultra-responsive controls and an easy-to-use trick system give you instant control over your idols
  • Authentic training kits and street wear; distinctive style of play with unique abilities to match
  • Set in exotic locales around the world with an eclectic selection of seamlessly infused music
Electronic Arts FIFA Street 2 - Gamecube
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Incredible all-new tricks -- the Trick Stick allows you to win a game like never before
  • Compete against the very best the streets have to offer, by making over the top moves
  • Travel around the world to play, from the famous Westway Leisure Centre in London to the beautiful beachside of Brazil
  • Dominate Skills Battles, and trigger Multiplier Trick moments
Electronic Arts Fifa Street
Video Games (Electronic Arts)
  • Pro-players in street match ups - choose from a variety of national teams and build your street squad from a collection of the world s top professional players
  • Fast-pace intuitive control - lightning fast and easily accessible controls allow you to pull off juggling, step-overs and pannas, all in your personal style
  • Global street venues - break away from the stadiums and rules of the official game of soccer. Play in 10 global street locations that reflect the strong culture...
  • The wall is the 5th man - use the wall at each venue for strategic moves and dynamic passes
  • Break the game wide open - change the Gamebreaker and show-off and show-up your opponent with dramatic trick moves, earning you unbeatable shots and big highlight...
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