FIFA Street series

The EA Sports BIG label has been something of a hit-or-miss affair for the videogame mega-publisher. Early in its life it had hits like NBA and NFL Street in its stable of titles but in recent years the lineup of arcade sports games has fallen by the wayside a bit thanks to tired gameplay and a general lack of depth. The FIFA Street series was sadly one of the first Street games to show signs of things going awry. After a two-year break from the concrete pitch the third entry is now hitting retailers, hoping to prove that arcade football can find new life on this round of consoles.

The draw of FIFA Street is obvious as soon as you see some of the moves that Ronaldinho can pull off on a true, professional stage. He makes defenders look just plain silly on a regular basis so if you ratchet the complexity and over-the-top nature of the moves up a few rungs you'll understand why this series could appeal to soccer fans. Sadly its trick system has never had the depth to keep gamers on the couch for more than a few hours. While FIFA Street 3 does manage to improve on the failures of the last two games, it's still lacking in a few very crucial areas.

The first of those areas is one of the most important for a sports game, and that's the design of what I call the "money feature." For most Street games it's the career mode where players create a virtual likeness of themselves, starting with a shell of an athlete and then melding them into a superstar. The "money feature" is the reason that you buy the game and it's the reason that you keep playing for any significant duration. That having been said, FIFA Street 3 has no "money feature."

The closest it comes is the series of challenges that is used to unlock the full roster of more than 250 players. While there certainly are plenty of challenges to work your way through, the experience gets very stale once you realize that you're simply playing standard matches over and over again with slightly different win conditions. Sure, you'll see things like "be the first to score five headers or volleys" or "score 5 Game Breaker goals" but that only lasts for so long.

FIFA Street 3 would have been served much better by a standard player creation game mode that allowed you to earn the all-stars from across the world while still leveling up different attributes. We'd feel much more connected to each game if there were a few players who were consistently top-performers for us, but with Street 3 we were always rotating old players out for the new and improved footballers that we were unlocking along the way.

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Why has fifa street have so many bad reviews? | Yahoo Answers

I haven't bought it cuz of the reviews. Everywhere there are just negative comments. I wanted to buy it but just when it came out. All I heard was that the game isn't good and online sucks. I haven't played it but as many have been saying that it isn't worth 'rs.2800'(equivalent to 50 $) So I'm not buying it till the price goes down.

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