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I have to confess to feeling a little irked when I saw Lionel Messi doing keepy-ups on the cover of the new Fifa Street. Not that I have a problem with Messi as either a player or a person, it's just that he didn't look like an outlandish caricature of himself and lightning wasn't flying out of his feet.

This told me that Fifa Street was going the same way as SSX, EA's other reboot of a gem from EA Sports Big's back catalogue, where all the zany, incredibly fun silliness in past iterations has been replaced with an aesthetic that is both unblinkingly serious and achingly cool.

This, as anyone who remembers the hey-day of Fifa Street, is a pity. In the past, Fifa Street was a cartoon-like and refreshing alternative to EA's Fifa franchise. Its players weren't sportsmen, they were superheroes who could pull of flamboyant tricks, run up walls and bang in goals with bicycle kicks from miles outside the box.Fifa Street This isn't the case anymore; now the players look just like they do in real life. The arenas they frequent are graffiti covered carparks and indoor arenas. Even their tracksuits look licensed.

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But, if you're prepared to look past the cooler-than-thou presentation, Fifa Street is an admittedly excellent game, even if it does comes across like Fifa's show-off younger brother. The focus here is all about individual ball skills, trick dribbling, faking out opponents and building up fluid momentum while moving the ball up pitch. It feels, and to some degree, plays a little bit like an arcade fighter; players need to learn all the finesse dribbles and trick moves, and then chain them together to get the better of their opponents.

The controls will be familiar to anyone who has played a Fifa title in the last few years; the face buttons, triggers and bumpers all mirror Fifa's interface, with a couple of exceptions. The left-stick, for example, is essentially the player's toolbox for faking out opponents. Flicking it this way and that produces heel-chops, feints and step-overs, but rotating it in set patterns produces pirouette moves, rainbow flicks and a host of other nifty tricks to baffle opponents.

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Why has fifa street have so many bad reviews? | Yahoo Answers

I haven't bought it cuz of the reviews. Everywhere there are just negative comments. I wanted to buy it but just when it came out. All I heard was that the game isn't good and online sucks. I haven't played it but as many have been saying that it isn't worth 'rs.2800'(equivalent to 50 $) So I'm not buying it till the price goes down.

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