FIFA Street Online

It’s been close to four years since EA Sports last released an entry to the FIFA Street series – a more stylistic, small-minded approach to Soccer which resembles indoor Soccer. Now, with the series being rebooted, EA Sports has thrown all the cards in, with the EA Sports FIFA development team working on the series for the very first time. With a new team behind the helm and a less arcadey feel to the game, is this a successful one-on-one deke, or is it back to the bench feeling embarrassed?

One of the first things you needed to realize about the street games, especially if you are coming over from the traditional FIFA franchise, is that while this is a team game, it is also very much a one-on-one skills competition. Whether its pulling out ankle-breaking moves or over-the-top juggling combinations, this game is all about that feeling of making the opposing player seem utterly helpless.

In order to carry out this feat, the team has added a whole new level of ball control that allows you to stand still and move the ball around like it was on a rope, picking out just the right moment when the defender lunges in to put it through his legs or flick it over his head. Iif only the list of game modes available to the player matched the amount of knee-buckling moves that you can perform. The movements of the players are incredibly fluid and pulling off each move feels right and gives you a huge rush of excitement. Even the passing is a stylish display of skill, with every little saucer pass looking great.

Hit the Streets is a basic exhibition mode where you have four preset options or the ability to customize your game and then get on the field and play, picking teams from all over the world and from all different leagues. The amount of teams to choose from is actually very impressive and should give everyone a great choice of selection. There is also an online option that sees a huge boost from the FIFA development team, giving you a plethora of options to choose from. You can either take to team play and join up with fellow footballers around the world or you can play in 10 game seasons, where you earn points to try and move up through the 15 divisions. If any of those don’t interest you, gamers can also take their created team online and take part in tournaments. The online adds a lot to the game and players extremely smooth, with lag only popping up when an American like myself takes on someone from Europe.

7.5 out of 10

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