Soccer FIFA 15

EA Sports wasn't joking when it said FIFA 15 would be the most realistic soccer game ever made. For all the added into this year's game - which include adjustments to account for ball spin during gameplay - the most popular will surely be the integration of biting onto the field of play.

Uruguay's Luis Suarez made headlines in this summer's World Cup when he bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini toward the end of a group play match. Suarez was suspended from all FIFA-regulated play for four months after that incident, which includes missing matches with his professional club, F.C. Barcelona.

Suarez is known for using biting as a dirty tactic in games, having done it at least twice before at the professional level. Suarez has pledged to never bit again, but that promise apparently does not apply to his video game character. Fans playing the game's demo have witnessed Suarez biting in the game on several occasions:

— Dan Ruch (@djruch10)

— ManCityArmy1894 (@ManCityArmy1894)

One interesting feature of FIFA video games is that players suspended in real life are unavailable to be used in the game. Since Suarez's ban is still in place, he can't be played with in the actual game. But he is available in the game's demo mode, which is where these biting incidents are presumably being found.

It's unclear if FIFA 15 will include this feature in the full game mode, or if it's merely a promotional tactic. But if EA Sports is committed to a realistic game, the right decision is obvious.

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