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There’s something to be said for an atmosphere of passion in athletics. Most team sports games out there take place in the context of a particular league where the real-life players are playing for a paycheck. On the contrary, the pride of international competition is heavily displayed in FIFA International Soccer (FIS) to the tune of running, scooting and jumping with a fist pump when a player honors his nation with a goal. But scoring isn’t the only moment of joy. The crowd chants in encouragement even as the ball paces up the field from teammate to teammate. There are no professional leagues, only the “Top 30 International Teams” from the 1994 World Cup. The fictitious player names seems to only add to the aura of excitement, as one can’t say, “Cobi Jones wouldn’t have celebrated like that.” While Electronic Arts might not be the favorite video game company of today’s gamers, in the mid-90s EA Sports put together this very fun soccer game which went against the grain of their heavily popular hockey and football series.

After an opening theme that simultaneously calls for reverence and excitement, the menu screen directs the gamer to four playing modes, in addition to the ability of restoring a previously played game with a password system. Options mode allows for determining type of pitch, choice of penalties, length of half, and ability to make the keeper manual. One can enter an International League, go straight to a single elimination Playoff bracket, or simply play a “friendly” Exhibition game. Tournament mode is my favorite as it mirrors the real World Cup format, in which your team must survive a four-team round-robin group play (with a point system) before advancing to a playoff scenario for a chance at the World Cup. Those lucky enough to win a tournament are given a special code which can be entered and secrets unlocked in the options screen. There is no practice mode, so learning is a process done under fire.

Before a match, the team ranking system is depicted next to a team’s flag by a set of gold bars whose lengths betray strengths and weaknesses. Some teams are very good at running but poor on most everything else, while others have no weaknesses (and the other way around). This makes it very easy to discern the power teams from the middle teams from the weak teams, and one can choose how difficult they wish their path to be. Let’s just say that if you choose a weaker team like Saudi Arabia or Morocco, you better find the gentleman on your team that can score and feed him readily.

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  • Challenging team chemistry keeps teams in the game, pulling together when the game gets rough
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  • Try manager mode in the FIFA Lounge -- pick a team, pick tactics, handle licensing & keep player chemistry as high as possible
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What soccer jersey was banned internationally by FIFA?

In 2011 FIFA banned the England football team from wearing an embroidered poppy on their shirts, during an International friendly against Spain. The red flower is used in the UK on Remembrance Day, November 11, to remember soldiers killed in World War I.
FIFA does not allow political, religious or commercial messages on team strips, but later compromised to allow the poppy to be worn on black armbands during the game.

What is the biggest goal difference in an International Fifa soccer match

In the 1982 World Cup Hungary smashed El Salvador 10-1 and Hungary's 10 goals is the largest score posted by one team in a WCgame.

Why are there no international modes in big soccer game brands like fifa and pro evolution soccer (pes)? | Yahoo Answers

They don't put international modes, at least in the FIFA games, because come 08 euros, or 2010 world cup they can sell a separate CD-Rom for another 30 bucks or so, just for that competition. They did it for 06 year as well. I don't know what they do for the PSP I am a Computer guy, but EA sports is all about making money and this separate CD is a way to make more money.

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